Take Ownership With Personalized Hang Tags.

Why would you spend time and money shipping your shirts from one print shop to the next when you can get all your decoration and labeling done with us. Minimize the risk and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with us to realize the full benefit of this service.

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Customized Wooven Labels

We can put fully customized wooven labels on your apparels to give the products premium look and allowing you to connect to your costumers . We have a wide range of labels to choose from and you can litteraly order any design and any size that you like .

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Personalized Collar Decoration

We also provide our clients the facility to make collar decorations with Silk Screen Printing. This technique is used to print Brand logos,care instructions, Fabric compositions and sizes of the apparels. You can order your designs in any combinations of colors and in any size you like.

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Have your own labels or hang tags you want added to your apparel? Send them to us and we will add them to your products so everything comes to you retail ready to go.